Selected Papers


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Books and Book Chapters


A. Nógrádi (ed): Transplantation of Neural Tissue into the Spinal Cord.
2nd edition; Springer (New York) – Landes Bioscience (Georgetown, Texas), 2006


  • Replacement of Specific Neuronal Populations in the Spinal Cord
    Antal Nógrádi
  • Encouraging Regeneration of Host Neurones: The Use of Peripheral Nerve Bridges, Glial Cells or Biomaterials
    Antal Nógrádi
  • Replacement of Specific Populations of Cells: Glial Cell Transplantation into the Spinal Cord
    Antal Nógrádi
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Spinal Cord
    Antal Nógrádi and Gerta Vrbová
  • Recovery of Lost Spinal Cord Function by Facilitating the Spinal Cord Circuits Below the Lesion
    Urszula Slawinska
  • Recovery of Function After Spinal Cord Injury
    Gavin Clowry and Urszula Slawinska
  • Encouraging Regeneration of Host Neurones: The Use of Peripheral Nerve Bridges, Glial Cells or Biomaterials
    Antal Nógrádi
  • Encouraging Regeneration of Host Neurones: Transplantation of Neural Tissues into the Injured Spinal Cord Grafts of Embryonic Neural Tissue
    Gerta Vrbová